Anthony & Kyra

I started working with Paparazzi Proposals a few months back. The concept I had never heard of but vaguely remember my husband mentioning something about something being on Shark Tank and it being this awesome idea. For any of you that know Steve, he loves ideas, so he talks about them all the time and most of the time, unless I have children tugging on me, or laundry yelling at me, I listen to them. Fast forward a year or so later and James from PP gives me a call. This Australian from NY, I dug his positivity and zest for his concept. He used to be a paparazzi and came up with this idea to incorporate it with proposals. Pretty genius. So I happily signed on because who wouldn't want to crawl into bushes and up into trees to capture a nervous guy proposing to his love and then pop out and surprise them with portraits?! 

However fun it sounds, because it is, it's also incredibly challenging because as a photographer, I control my shoots. Posing, positioning, location, my hands are in alllllllll of it. With these, I give over the control. Anthony had a romantic idea of proposing with fireworks in the back on the 4th of July in Coronado. That's like proposing in the middle of Times Square on NYE - MAYHEM. So we did our best, all of us. And what mattered most was beautiful Kyra's reaction. She was swept away and didn't even notice all the chaos.

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