Trust and exhale

Several miracles were performed this month and it's only November 11. The biggest being the amazing news of me being able to move with the boys to Texas to reunite with our family and friends and support system. A huge burden and weight has been lifted and for the first time in months, I slept a whole night. As a mother, you worry, it's ingrained in us. For once in a very long while, the worry has settled, not gone away, but settled. God tested me during this time and just continued to say TRUST. That's what I did; I trusted Him.

I'm so excited for the new adventures we'll go on. The boys are beyond happy that they'll get to see their cousins all the time and be with family...this picture pretty much sums it up. We'll be on the road December 12, fully loaded with the dog and 2 cats as we "Chevy Chase roadtrip vacation" to Argyle...stay tuned.

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