Amanda and her Grand Finale

This is a tough one to blog for me...It's been almost 20 years. My absolute best friend, soul mate, my "sister" and the friend I'll grow old and grey with is having her third child, another little boy. I love her and her family so very much. Her kids will always hold a dear place in my heart because of their love and friendship with my boys. This is the first time we aren't pregnant together yet I had sympathy pains and cravings throughout her pregnancy. We're connected, our kids are connected and I thank God every day for her being in my life and pray abundant blessings on all of them until we're all together in heaven. If there was only a way I could take all of them with me to Texas, my life would be more complete.

I can't wait for the third baby Greaney to come into this world and take his first photos. Thank you friend, for being my sounding board, my positive influence, my advice giver, and my role model of a wife and mother. Your patience and perseverance and love for Jesus is one to be admired.

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