The first of many ends to an era...

Today we said goodbye to Grandma "Ga" and Grandpa as they embarked on their move to Texas to join my brother and his family & an already wonderful community. Sooooo many tears. I've never lived more than 10 minutes from my momma. She's my best friend, my role model, my inspiration for so many things. Her faith is astounding and she has never given up on me. Not to mention the most amazing grandma on the planet. Paul, my step-dad, my Papa. He came into our life at a hard time. I was a teenager, a very angry and confused teenager. Paul jumped into "dad" role even with me kicking and screaming. I'm so thankful for him. He has taught me so much, most of all, what I deserve. Love. He has drilled it into me from day one that I deserve to be loved and I'm so grateful for his heart and understanding of me. 

D-day is October 25th. The day we find out if we can all be reunited with my family, the day we find out if I as a single mother can not just survive, but thrive and provide an amazing life for the boys. My mom said to me "We wouldn't leave you if I didn't believe God was going to bring you there." There's a calendar on the chalkboard and we are counting down the days. What a monumental time in our life and instead of the last time, when I put my camera away because I couldn't see the point anymore, I'm going to be breaking it out every chance I get. 

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