John & Mikyla

A few months ago my cousin's boyfriend, John, who's been in our lives for 6 years now, pulled me aside during a trip to Santa Barbara. He was all giddy and nervous and adorable. Told me he was finally getting the ring back he designed and wanted me to come up to shoot their proposal. My answer of course was "Oh my gosh yes please!" 

Fast forward a couple weeks later and the saddest thing occurred. The ring he had put sweat and tears and money into had been stolen right out of his car. The surprise of proposing was essentially out of the bag from having to report it stolen, so we thought letting some time pass might make it a bit more exciting. We hiked up to a gorgeous lookout called Lizard's Mouth and I was awestruck by how beautiful of a night it was. Thank God she was shocked! What a celebration, thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of it. I cannot wait for your snowy day wedding!

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