Jake & Candace

We serve a miraculous and glorious God! 14 years ago, about a month into dating, Jake picked up Candace for a date. On their way, they were in a 65mph wreck and almost lost their lives. Both went into coma's, Jake had to learn how to swallow and walk again among other things, and Candace was told she'd never think straight again or be able to have children. Fast forward, they're both still in physical therapy, but by the Grace of God, are happily married and healthy with 5 children making these photos extra special. A slot opened up after a family had to reschedule and as much as I could have accepted another family, I just had it on my heart to leave it open for a couple for some reason. This was the reason and I'm so thankful. What a blessing and I'm so thankful for this new friendship and the fellowship we had! 

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