The Talley Family

It started with Noah and Soren at recess. They were in separate classes in kindergarten when we first moved but became fast best friends. I remember Noah came home one day talking about how Soren believed in Jesus and that his "WHOLE FAMILY" believed in Jesus; he was so happy. I then met Helen, Soren's grandma standing outside with her adorable tiny granddaughter waiting for Noah and Soren to come out of school and we got to talking about churches and moving and where we were all from. I remember Helen saying to me that they were more of the "reformed type Christians" and I knew immediately why she felt like family. When you share a spiritual bond with people, people that truly know the gospel, it shakes your core, to me, I immediately feel like I'm going to cry for some reason. It's like reconnecting with friends you've not seen for a lifetime. Lori felt like a distant sister to me, Noah and Soren basically immediately became brothers & when Liam met Soren's sister, Reagan, he basically fell under a spell. Liam LOVES pretty girls, especially pretty girls that actually think he's funny and want to hang out and play with him. It melts his heart into a pile of goo. Noah and Liam also think it's the coolest thing ever that their dad, Sam, is an actual Knight at Medieval Times downtown and has real swords. I will admit, it's pretty awesome. 

The Talley family from the day we came into each other's lives have been such a blessing. They've helped me beyond words and have just been such a Godsend to us. As a single mom, you don't have much to give so I wanted to say "thank you" to them by capturing their family for Christmas. I'm so grateful to you guys, we love you!

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