Happy Mom, momma, mommy, mother's day!

Every year! I ask them for a portrait. Seems every year we're in a new home so far. Next year I'm hoping it'll be our last for a while! This year, Liam for the first time said "Happy mother's day!" Noah came home from school with an entire manila envelope filled with mother's day work he had done all week at school. Noah said "We have a prize for you! We're going to listen ALL DAY" ....yeah that didn't happen lol. We all went to church just like we do every Sunday and spent the day with family swimming and playing...As all mother's know, at the end of the day, you're spent, exhausted, emotionally drained, feel unappreciated, you name it. Then they sleep. You peek in on them and see their sweet little bodies just as they were as babies and your cup runneth over. It's the hardest and most unappreciated volunteer job out there and I wouldn't trade it for the world....and yes, my foot IS that big and Noah and I sit exactly alike pretty much all the time lol

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