Mom guilt, the Summer Break edition....on a personal note...

Every mom has experienced this thing called "the mom guilt." It's the overwhelming feeling of:

  • Gosh, I wish I could be better 
  • I wish I didn't do this/that
  • Why can't they just obey?
  • Why can't they just get along?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • It doesn't seem to matter which way I do it
  • I could've said it better 
  • I could've taken more time to deal with that the right way...

The list goes on and on...

Summer break is TOUGH! This is my first one, like legit break, and I'm alone in it for the first time. They're bored, they're not used to just hanging out and finding things to do in the house because mom has to work, they're not used to seeing each other all day every day. They're strangers to each other in two different stages in their life with all the growing pains and testosterone and lack of schedule or structure or normalcy. Summer camps were made for a reason and clearly created by mothers lol. SO what happens? You literally pull your hair out and feel like you've been thrown into the loony bin with really tiny bi-polar drunk people. Yep, I said it, we've all thought it, at least I know of a few for sure lol. 

We try, all moms, single or not. You start off the day right. For me, I start the day early, before everyone gets up in the morning, with at least a half cup of hot fresh coffee, I get in the Word, I pray, I read my devotionals, and I ask for God's help and guidance for that day, but before any requests, I repent for all the things I know I could've done better the day before and the areas that I know I failed in. I humble myself and usually cry.

Then I remember that God's mercies are new every day and I'm so thankful, because carrying around that heavy mom guilt is just too much for us to bear on our own. It's also, wait for it....NORMAL. News flash! We're sinful! Just because we're mom's doesn't mean we still aren't guilty of acting out of our flesh! God WANTS us to go to Him with alllllllllllll that guilt and unnecessary shame. Why? Because of his wonderful and painful process of sanctification. Just don't ever stop believing that He's with you in every tantrum, every fight between your kids, every heart break, every doubt, every time you're drowning in laundry and house stuff and work and amidst the juggling game of all of it, He is with you! Take the breaks, take the time, pull up old videos or pictures of when they were little and cute without so many opinions, trust me it makes them cute again and softens your heart. Know that you'll get through it and they won't be scarred and just make sure to love on them in the end. Tell them they are loved and precious in His sight and it's ok to confess to your kids that mom's mess up too and use it as an opportunity to share the gospel with them. 

Cheer's to school starting soon!!!



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