Formerly known as....

When Epoch Photography was officially started 7 years ago, it started with me and my then husband as a team. The name "Epoch Photography" was created from a brainstorming session between the two of us and ever since that chapter closed 2 years ago, I've wanted to re-brand. It's taken a lot of thought, heart, soul searching, research, aches and pains, but I finally settled. My work has always been MY vision. I've handled everything from top to bottom from the very beginning so I decided that's what my brand should be...Me. I used to hate my name. No one could ever pronounce it, spell it, you name it. Then that Cyrus girl came around and totally blew any shot I had at anyone ever spelling or saying my name right again lol. My parents and my grandmother gave it to me and I've grown to love it. So introducing..

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