The re-evaluation - personal post

So I'm sure there's been notice that I haven't been posting very often...that's mainly just due to life being insanely busy. There's also impact from the decision that I made not too long ago to get back into the career I left several years ago to start a family. I've always loved photography and it was all I did for many years, but prior to that, I actually worked in the commercial insurance industry and geekily loved it. It fed a completely different side of me, my competitive, business, sales driven side. God blessed me with an opportunity that not only got me back into the industry but that also allowed me to maintain my creative outlet by incorporating the marketing aspect. 

So what does this mean for my photography world....well, not TOO much, however, I have decided, to prevent getting burnt out and uninspired, to be more selective with shoots I will take on. I'll continue to capture my current client families and offer mini sessions a couple times a year, but my focus will be more fine tuned to the weddings that I have scheduled on the horizon and those clients going forward. I love the art, it feeds a part of my soul so I won't ever be able to walk away, but I will be taking a step back to photograph on a more personal level. Stay tuned, life is forever changing for the better!

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