Approaching Mothers Day

I was called “mean” yesterday by my oldest son who’s usually always the kind and sweet one. After some time passed and some “unpacking” was done, turns out I was mean for something out of my control. Being a single parent has more challenges than most mom roles. Working, cleaning, running a household, grocery shopping, pets, cooking, homework, attempting quality time with our kids, time for ourselves, time for our loved ones, time that seems to disappear. It’s just me, no co-parenting exists, there's no shuffling kids around every other week. It comes with restrictions to say the least. If one is sick, the other suffers, sacrifices are made all the time. Noah had a concert that he wanted to be apart of in school and unfortunately had to miss out on because his brother has been under the weather and sitters weren’t available. I tried. Which a 6 year old just can’t understand of course, along with so many other things he can’t understand yet. As single mother’s we often are letting someone down, whether its our kids, ourselves (lets be honest, I haven't had a haircut in a year) but we do the best we can. When he came down after bed, in tears, his little heart in pieces, I knew it wasn’t going to be the last time I would ever disappoint him, but it was the first of its kind and it stung. I told him some day things would be different and for now he just needed to focus on things he could be thankful for and to please forgive me. 

To all the mothers, single or not, take heart. Turn to the one who never disappoints and most importantly, who your children actually belong to. They’re His first and He will take care of theirs and your heart during times of sadness and disappointment. He knows the loss, the lonely times, and has a plan that you couldn’t even imagine which is beyond your wildest dreams. I know this because I’ve seen glimpses of the plan He’s had for me and the joy that it comes with covers any sadness I’d felt before. Keep your eyes and life focused on Jesus and he will guide your steps and your children will be forever grateful. 

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