Ahhhh 35, what a bitter sweet year you were to me. You started out rough but full of hope and ended with a crash really. To say it was an easy year would be a gigantic overstatement. It was a year of a lot of endings, some sweet, some bitter, some full of amazing relief and joy and others full of tears and disappointment. Looking at 36, I literally am approaching it day by day because I think I got ahead of myself the last year. I put my hope in too much of the future rather than settle into simply being thankful and peaceful for the present. As a result, the disappointments that took place seemed that much more disappointing and hurt that much more because I ended up having to grieve for things that hadn’t even taken place yet. So lesson learned, don’t ignore what God is trying to communicate to you because you have your own desires and thoughts about how things should be or how you want them to be. Bottom line, His plan for you is so much greater than what you could even imagine so why try and make your own anyway? Thank you God for your plan and the plans to come, thank you friends for all the wishes, thank you family for always being there for me and keeping me accountable, thank you to my children who have doted on me from the time they got up because their hearts are that big, thank you to my work family who makes me feel so appreciated every day, thank you to my clients, both photography and insurance, who put their trust in me to deliver, just thank you thank you thank you. Cheers to 36, a little out of focus, thank goodness 35 is done!

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